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Get reliable and affordable roof heat proofing services in Lahore, Pakistan? Our company offerseffective coating solutions and chemical treatmentto protect your roof from heat

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Summer is around the corner and your house is still not ready to tolerate high temperatures? So why wait when Samzsquare Roof Heat Proofing Services are available every time? Rest assured that our committed team will ensure your cozy abode is ready to withstand scorching heatwaves and soaring temperatures, even during the most sweltering summer spells. To protect your property from harmful solar radiation, the most reasonable and effective way is Heat Proofing Service in Lahore Pakistan. Our anti-heat system can be applied on concrete, metal, and wooden roofs and reflects heat backward thus is highly effective on a hot sunny day.

roof heat proofing services in lahore Pakistan

What Is Heat Proofing?

The Best heat proofing in Pakistan!

The process of roof heat proofing, also known as Solar Reflective Coating, involves the application of a specialized coating to reduce heat absorption by the roof. Employing a heat-reflective material, this method prevents solar radiation from being absorbed, instead reflecting it away to maintain cooler temperatures indoors. Heat Proofing Treatment in lahore helps to keep the building cool and in the meantime, it reduces the cost of energy.

Up-To-Date Heat Proofing Services in Lahore, Pakistan

Get an easy approach to spending summers conveniently!

Samzsquare also specializes in providing an excellent roof heatproofing solution in Lahore according to the needs and demands of our clients. Our professional staff uses every modern and premium method to provide our clients with the best heat-proofing solutions:

  • Heat insulating sheets (Polyester Painted Sheet, PVC Plastisol Sheet, Galvanised Steel Sheet)
  • False ceilings
  • Heat proofing chemicals

Before proceeding, our team specifically considers the construction materials, locality, and layout of the house so that the only most effective heat-proofing chemical in Lahore or sheet can be applied.

Why Heat Proofing Treatment Is The Best Option?

Highly Effective

Heat Proofing Chemical results in creating a barrier between heat and your rooftop thus effectively prevents your building from heating up.

Environment Friendly

This method to spend summers does not release any harmful agents into the air as does the AC which makes Roof Heat Proofing Method an environment-friendly technique.

Budget Friendly

For this service, you only have to spend your money once. You will not be spending any further money on its maintenance and also it will not affect your utility bills.


Heat Proofing service will provide you with a long-term solution for spending summers comfortably. It will not be easily damaged by weather or any other effects.

Time Saving

Once it is done, Roof Heat Proofing will not take any of your extra time or money. You will only have to pay us once and leave the rest on Samzsquare.

A Convenient Lifestyle

Our Roof Radiation Reflective Coating will shield your house from water and heat in a long run allowing you to have a convenient lifestyle.


Our Heat Proofing Company in Lahore specializes in attempts and techniques to shield your rooftop from the scorching heat of summers in Pakistan. In addition, Heat Proofing Treatment will also prevent water leakage from your roof.

Roof Heat Proofing Company with Years of Experience

Your Roofs will remain cool in Hot Summers with our Advanced Roof Heat Proofing Services to Keep the Heatwaves Away! 

Reduce your ELECTRICITY BILLS in HOT SUMMERS with our Roof Heat Proofing Services

Our Roof Heat Proofing Company in Lahore is devoted to enhancing the lifestyle of its clients by

  • Providing innovative services
  • Helping them reach their goals
  • Creating a convenient environment for them
  • Making a difference

As time is passing by, the level of temperature is rising due to environmental degradation. In Pakistan, especially in the southern parts, it is nearly impossible to live without relying on AC 24/7. But as very insufficient power is available in our country, keeping AC on all day long is not suggested in any way. In this instance, looking for an alternative is a good choice.

Heat Proofing: A Necessary Service for Every Building

Now live a carefree summer!

In Pakistan, 85% of homes in society have the problem of increased heat during summer days. Samzsquare was specially established to bring modern methods and techniques suitable for Pakistan’s buildings’ rooftops to provide the  Best Heat Proofing Services in Pakistan.

We aim to serve our valuable clients the best services at reasonable prices with our diversified experience in the field. With an affordable Heat Proofing Service Price In Lahore, we consider providing the best heat-proofing solutions our responsibility.

A Professional Heat-proofing, and Waterproofing Company in Town!

Professional heatproofing treatment has the potential to significantly reduce room temperature, ranging from 6 to 15 degrees Celsius. This effective alternative to an air conditioner can also significantly decrease your electricity bills. So a good choice is necessary when selecting a company for roof heatproofing services.

While doing heatproofing, our professionals keep in mind:

  • The use of quality heat-reflective chemical solutions
  • The material which is being used is long-lasting and durable
  • ISO-certified chemicals
  • The entire treatment is according to international standards.

Heat Proofing Solutions to Every Roof!

With a wide range of Heat Reflective Chemicals and Materials, the Samzsquare team can make every type of roof completely heatproof. We specialize in heat-proofing for:

  • Plane Concrete Roofs
  • Metal Roofs
  • Wooden Roofs
  • Sloping Roofs

Samzsquare: A Heat-proofing Company with Multiple Services

Being a reliable company, Samzsquare is a complete company providing a variety of services to make your home a more convenient and safe place. Our range of home services includes:

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Only the latest and most effective techniques are used for every service.

Our team strives to provide a quality service in accordance with modern trends at a fair price.

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Our main focus is to provide Heatproofing Services, Waterproofing Services, Pest Control Services, and Repairing Services in Lahore, Pakistan at a comparatively low price that almost everyone can afford but without compromising the quality. This is the reason, we offer special packages and discounts for every service for your convenience. So contact us now and make your home a better, more comfortable, and safer place for your family.

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Does roof coating reduce heat?

As a significant amount of heat is reflected away, it not only cools down the surface area but also helps in decreasing the overall temperature of the building structure.

A few related FAQ's about Roof Heat Proofing:
Most Asked Questions

A technique used to minimize the heat absorbed by the roof of a building is termed roof heatproofing. This method works by applying a material or coating that reflects heat and as a result, the building remains cool.

You can many benefits from roof heat proofing such as:

  • Improved indoor comfort
  • Reduced electricity bills
  • The lifespan of the roof will be expanded

The answer is Yes!

Roof heatproofing can be done on all kinds of roofs whether it is a flat roof or pitched roof. It is because there is a variety of materials and techniques available for roof heat-proofing treatment so depending on the type of roof, any particular material or technique can be used.

For heatproofing, many kinds of materials are used including:

  • Heat reflective coatings
  • Insulation materials
  • Heat reflective tiles

The most commonly used material for heatproofing is reflective coatings which are applied to the surface of the roof as a liquid.

Generally, roof heatproofing service can last up to several years if it is well-installed. The lifespan of this service also depends upon the quality of the material, the technique used, and environmental factors.

As roof heatproofing solutions can help to save energy costs in a long run, it is a worthwhile investment for owners of houses and buildings. Its expense depends upon materials, roof area, and techniques but roof heatproofing is surely not much expensive for what it’s worth.

The heat reflective costings and materials are available for DIY roof heat-proofing projects in the market but it is recommended to have a professional complete the application to make sure that the process is done accurately and suitable materials are used for a particular type of roof.

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