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Quick Fix for Bathroom Leakage problem:Roof seepage, Wall and Water Treatment Solutions in Lahore, Pakistan

Whether you need a roof seepage solution, a wall seepage solution or a bathroom seepage solution, Samzsquare is here to serve all of your seepage and leakage problems. We are a professional waterproofing company actively participating in all major cities of Pakistan. Whether you are facing leakage and seepage in Karachi or want a wall seepage solution in Islamabad or Lahore, reach out to us, we’ll fix it all for you.


Serving You With Waterproof Excellence

The moist and humid climate of Pakistan destroys building structures; therefore, a professional waterproofing service must be sought out to permanently fix seepage in wall, roof and other structures. Temporarily working wall seepage solution can be dangerous as they give you a false sense of security but are bound to cause seepage from the same area after some time or possibly find some other location as a way out. We at Samzsquare work diligently to locate all seepage and leakage points and other potential seepage spots and treat them with the graded cementitious or bitumen chemical treatments. These procedures are highly water resistant and last for a couple of years. Along with providing leakage solutions for roofs and walls, we clean the area properly and look for any pest infestation as a result of prolonged leakage. Have faith in us, and we will return you a happy, protected home.


We take immense pride in our work, and to give our customers peace of mind through impressive warranties. We provide a 3 to 10 year warranty depending on the work done.

Wide coverage

Our leakage and seepage solutions are available in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, and pretty much every city in the country. Our modern solutions and cutting-edge machinery will keep your house waterproof for years to come.

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Our Leakage and seepage solutions

Water leakage and seepage from our roofs and walls are quite common issues that go unnoticed. It must be dealt with seriously, as it slowly decays the structure of your house and can prove to be a real wreak of havoc in the heavy monsoon season. Samzsquare uses water-proofing chemicals to give a long-lasting effect with no side effects and instant results. Berger seepage solutions are preferred by us due to their high quality and impressive variety, i.e., Berlastic (Two Component Water Proofing), Berflex (Hydrated Type Water-Proofing) etc. We also offer water seepage solutions and bathroom seepage solutions in homes, commercial buildings, warehouses, and plazas throughout Pakistan.

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We take immense pride in our work, and to give our customers peace of mind through impressive warranties. We provide a 3 to 10 year warranty depending on the work done.

Long-term gain

Our leakage and seepage solutions are available in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, and pretty much every city in the country. Our modern solutions and cutting-edge machinery will keep your house waterproof for years to come.

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20+ Years of Experience

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Waterproofing protects your house from outside in!

Samzsquare is the name you can trust for Waterproofing and other services like roof heat proofing, bathroom leakage, water tank repair, and leaking pipe solution in Pakistan. Our dedication, extensive knowledge, and experience keep us excelling in this competitive field.

Waterproofing and Seepage Solutions

Whether it is roof seepage, wall seepage solution, or wall dampness treatment, we deal with all types of water and weather damage and make houses resistant. Our skilled team inspects the area and suggests solutions according to the damage done and the demand of the area. Continuously standing water on your roof or other areas of the house is absorbed by the structure until it starts to make its way out through seepage in your walls and ceilings. To fix seepage in different areas, we put forward different solutions like:

  • Cementitious waterproofing for water tank surfaces, swimming pools, basements, bathrooms
  • Bituminous waterproofing for garages, basements, roofs
  • Polyurethane liquid waterproofing for wet areas like kitchen, bathroom, terrace
  • Chemical injection waterproofing for cracks and grouting
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bathroom seepage solution in Lahore Pakistan

Bathroom Seepage Solution

Leaking pipes solution and bathroom leakage solution are in high demand. The leakage usually occurs due to the inappropriate installation of sewerage pipes by plumbers during construction. It is no secret that bathroom seepage welcomes diseases and bad odors in your house. It is advisable to fix bathroom floor seepage right away; otherwise, it will not only stay on the floor but also start to seep into the walls and destroy them. Also, bathroom ceilings over shower heads are prone to water leakage usually due to broken, loose, or clogged pipes.

Depending on your problem, our team will carry out the necessary procedure accordingly. We’ll detect any sewerage pipe leakages and water pipe leakages through air pressure. Without any dismantling or damage, we treat the cracks with bitumen and other chemical solutions.

Be it a plastic or concrete water tank or underground or overhead water tank leakage, we have the expertise to provide you seepage problem solution. Water tanks are normally subject to leakage due to pressure inside and gradual corrosion. This leads to ultimate health hazards like rust, mold, mildew, bacteria, etc. For underground water tanks, we offer a polymerized cemented waterproof coating that is also safe for drinking water. For plastic water tanks, we first clean the tank and then, fill cracks and holes with a flexible waterproof chemical. It is further layered up with elastomeric chemicals to ensure more strength and safety.

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Quality Waterproofing:

It’s Where the Strength Meet the Durable

Commercial waterproofing

We are leading the world of waterproofing companies and provide commercial roof seepage solution, wall dampness treatment and wall seepage treatment in Pakistan. Commercial buildings like warehouses and plazas must not be neglected but rather rigorously inspected for any seepage or leakage. If you own a business facility and are concerned about its maintenance and seepage problems, we would like to take burden off your shoulders.

Rainfall and a humid climate erode away the structural integrity of buildings. Therefore, a professional waterproofing company will save your building from ruthless weather damage. Samzsquare has an extensive experience of handling waterproofing services in commercial plazas. We offer solutions according to your building design, budget, and local weather. Our staff will provide guidance from an extensive survey to job completion, and our solutions will leave you amazed with instant and prolonged results.

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Samzsquare: The Best Choice For You

We are rapidly growing across Pakistan due to our professional and reliable services. We have been acclaimed for providing unparalleled leakage solution for roof, solution for water seepage in wall, and bathroom seepage solutions in the market. Our team inspects the problem in depth and tailors innovative solutions to meet your requirements. Providing a safe and hygienic house is our priority!

Well- equipped crew

We are equipped with all the advanced technology and quality products to professionally carry out services and give your place a new stress-free start.

Variety of services

We are not limited to waterproofing services. Our diverse services include: heat proofing, pest control, cleaning, and maintenance services.

Cost-effective solutions

Our services are affordable and budget-friendly. We do not believe in primal methods like dismantling or destructing your property and then repairing it, which costs a lot.

Customer satisfaction

Our mission is to provide unmatchable services with a meticulous approach. We consider our job done when you express complete satisfaction with the results.


Most Asked Questions
Best Roof Seepage Solution: Fixing Wall & Water Leakage Treatment in Lahore, Pakistan

Water seepage and leakage from the roof happen due to some crack or damage as a result of long-term water standing at a particular spot. It is better to contact an experienced waterproofing company like Samzsquare. They have the expertise and the right products to fix the leaking area and provide a permanent roof seepage solution for the future.

There is a common misconception that wherever the word “chemical” is written; it must be harmful and a health hazard. Not all chemicals are harmful; some are extremely beneficial. Waterproofing chemicals are also beneficial as they are used as water seepage solution. Above all, these solutions and chemicals follow strict industry standards and undergo multiple testing phases, so they are quite safe to use.

Damp walls could be the result of a number of factors, like leaking walls, excess moisture, or plumbing issues. It is crucial to detect the problematic area and tackle it with the right products. You can book services for wall dampness treatment from any reliable waterproofing company, like Samzsquare. Professionals find every possible crack and hole and approach them with effective water-phobic chemicals.

It depends on the damaged area, the number of cracks, foundation type, etc. If the affected area is not severely damaged, it can be dealt with in a day, but for worsened situations, the procedure will probably take a week or more.