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If you are residing in Lahore, Sheikhupura, or Gujranwala and facing the problem of pests or insect invasion in your house or workplace then Samzsquare is the one you should call. We are known to deliver effective Fumigation Services to many of the owners of the home and business buildings.

Our team comprises experienced supervisors and field staff that specialize in almost every kind of pest and insect fumigation and that is why, we are the Best Fumigation Company in Lahore, Pakistan for many years.

The requirement for Fumigation Services in Lahore, Pakistan is due to many reasons including the presence of pests in commercial, residential, and industrial areas. All these areas require Pest Control Services. Get standard Fumigation Services from Samzsquare that will leave no pests in your area.

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What is Fumigation Solution?

Fumigation is a quick and effective method to get rid of pests from any area. Fumigation is also used for preventing pests from being moved from one area to another.

The fumigants used in this method are some of the most deadly pesticides in the world.

Removing and controlling harmful insects or pests by using chemicals and machines is called fumigation. Many insects present in your homes are harmful to humans. Most of them can spread diseases. Therefore, it is compulsory to not ignore them and hire professionals that will help you to control insects and pests effectively.

The Best Fumigation Company that can treat every Pest and Insect Problem

We have a well-experienced team to provide our clients with quality Fumigation Services for almost every type of pest problem including:

Cockroaches, rats, beetles, termites, etc are some of the common insects residing among humans. These creepy creatures can cause serious health issues if not gotten rid of. Our fumigation services will remove them from every corner of your house providing you with a pest-free home to live comfortably. We also provide pest control services for business places, bases, fields, rigs, etc.

Samzsquare is one of the most trusted Fumigation Companies in Pakistan with an exclusive range of Pest Control Services in Lahore, Gujranwala, and Sheikhupura.

We have established a great reputation in exterminating termites by providing high-quality termite control services to gradually expanding customers in Lahore and surrounding areas.

Whatever types of Pests are, Just leave them to Us!

Bed Bugs Fumigation

Bed bug prevalence can be a difficult challenge for any home or hotel owner. Especially if you are a hotel or guest house owner bed bugs can result in a loss of revenue.You can not control bed bugs through DIY techniques so professionals are required to eliminate them. Our professional team will help you completely remove bed bugs from your house. Bed Bug Fumigation Service by Samzsquare will also guarantee a long time prevention of bed bug growth

Cockroach Fumigation:

Cockroaches are one of the most common pests living in your homes and buildings. They are also difficult to control because cockroaches are very resistant,If you want to prevent the spread of any disease by keeping your homes and food clean from cockroaches, then rather than trying DIY, hiring professionals is a good choice

Our Cockroach Fumigation Service will eliminate cockroaches existing in any corner of your house.

Termite Fumigation

Many wooden articles are present in houses, buildings, and shops.
The presence of termites can completely destroy these wooden items before you will even notice.
So, it is necessary to eliminate termites before they can cause any damage.
Our Termite Control services promise to protect your precious wooden products from getting defective by completely removing termites in no time.

Mosquito Fumigation

Mosquitoes are not only a nuisance but also a threat to health. Mosquito overgrowth around your houses should be controlled as they are the carrier of many diseases including malaria, dengue, encephalitis, etc.
You should be cautious if mosquitoes are present around or in your house. That is why Samzsquare offers the best Mosquito Fumigation service at a very low price.
So call us now and remove mosquitoes completely from your area and house.

Our Range of Fumigation Services Lahore

Samzsquare offers termite fumigation, mosquito fumigation, bed bug fumigation, cockroach fumigation, rat fumigation, and ant fumigation at low cost in both open areas and closed buildings, houses, or shops. You will be provided with a free inspection and years of guarantee of bugs-free homes.

The extent of Pest Control Services by our company includes

Industrial Fumigation

Make your industry clean from every kind of pest and run your industrial unit in a more hygienic way.

Residential Fumigation

Get rid of creepy insects crawling in your homes to spend a more healthy and safe life.

Commercial Fumigation

Run your business without worrying about pests and insects that are intolerable in commercial areas.

Benefits of Fumigation and Pest Control Services

For All Stages Of Life

Handles every stage of the Pest Problem 

Fumigation is the best solution to eliminate every life stage of pests and insects. It won’t even miss the insect eggs even if they are hidden in your house.

Reachable to every area

Fumigation Services make sure that chemicals are reached everywhere

Our professionals provide

Effective Immediately

A quick treatment for removing all the pests

Fumigation can eliminate pests overnight as highly effective chemicals are used for this process. It is a quick solution, especially in industrial and commercial areas.

Fumigation Services are considered to be an excellent choice when they are performed by professionals.

Why Choose Us?

Being a responsible owner, you should hire only a professional Fumigation Services Company. Samzsquare is a recognized company in Lahore, Pakistan with highly experienced staff. We are proud to be the number one choice of many customers throughout Lahore.

  • 24/7 online assistance
  • 100% quality fumigation services
  • Anyone can avail of fumigation services anytime.
  • Guaranteed service with no hidden charges


Samz Square

A Trusted Name in Waterproofing Services Lahore, Pakistan

In addition to quality fumigation services, Samzsquare also specializes in Waterproofing Services with reasonable prices and packages. Water seepage in your house or building can also be a source of insect growth, especially for mosquitoes which are an extreme danger to human health.

Get the best Waterproofing Services in Lahore, Gujranwala, Sheikhupura, and surrounding areas at market-competitive rates with years of guarantee and make a progressive step in making your house clean and comfortable.

FAQ's Relating Fumigation Services

The technique of pest control to exterminate pests by using gas is called a fumigation service. This gas kills all the insects in the area by suffocating them.

Quick removal of insects and rodents from cracks, crevices, packaging materials, etc to control their growth is the main purpose of fumigation.

The chemicals used for Fumigation Services are called fumigants. Examples of fumigants include

Ethylene oxide


Methyl bromide

Hydrogen peroxide vapors

Chlorine dioxide


Pest Control is an act of controlling the growth of insects or pests in an area. Fumigation is a technique of pest control so pest control does not always involve fumigation.

Fumigation Services must be performed by trained and qualified operators with extreme care. Fumigation can be dangerous if it is not carried out carefully as the fumigants used in this method are highly toxic to humans, animals, and plants.